Thank you to all who participated 
                 in my 2017 studies!                        

2018 Benchmarking Studies

Please note: There will be five studies this yearAll studies will be completed on the group's schedule, so you can not join the study after the completion date.

Applicable to all ASC's ​

Study 1: Registration and Pre-Admission - How has it changed at your facility? 
(starts January 15th)

Study 2: What's on the Anesthesia Cart and What shouldn't be there?
(starts March 5th)

Study 3: What is the composition of your registered nursing staff? 
(starts May 7th)

Study 4: How Transparent is your Center? 
 (starts August 27th)

Study 5: What I have learned as a Manager or what i would tell new Managers?
(starts October 22nd)

All studies are $95/each but discounts for multiple studies are given 
if check received by February 1, 2018

For details on the studies, write to 
Twiford Consulting, LLC is a Nurse owned and managed consulting company committed to bridging the gap between your nursing knowledge and the skill set you need to be a successful manager of an ambulatory center. Whether you are new to the managerial role or experienced, I'm here to listen and assist.