It was great meeting everyone who attended my speech on Benchmarking at the 2014 OR Excellence Conference                        

2016 Benchmarking Studies

Please noteThere will be four studies this yearAll studies will be completed on the group's schedule, so you can not join the study after the completion date.

​Applicable to all ASC's that do GI Endoscopic Procedures 

Study 1: Cleaning and Disinfecting the Endoscope - consistently 
adhering to the policy and procedure 
(starts January 11th)

The ERCI Institute has chosen "Inadequate Cleaning of the Flexible Endoscope before Disinfection Can spread deadly pathogens" 
as one of the top 10 Health Technology Hazards of 2016

Applicable to all ASC's 

Study 2: The Policy and Procedure Manual - observing your policies in action
(starts March 1st)

Study 3: Injection Practices - whether injection directly into a patient through a needle or using a needless system
(starts April 11th)

 The ERCI Institute has chosen "Unsafe injection practices" as
 one of the top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2016

Study 4: Cost Comparison of commonly used items in the ASC - striving for the best products at the lowest cost (a restudy)
(starts September 12th)

All studies are $95/each but discounts for multiple studies given 
if check received by January 31st 2016

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